Access to Services and Wait Time Strategy

See notes warning Electrical Risks section. These warnings apply to potential dangers associated with electricity and moving parts. Always keep the greatest possible distance from power terminals and moving parts. The service personnel should take system queue software care of the potential caused by hot metal surfaces danger. They can also have high temperatures throughout the cooling system even when the power cord has already been disconnected. Unauthorized changes or unauthorized use as spare parts, may damage the equipment design. This can result in system queue software unsafe conditions for service personnel and users. Always use parts and service manuals to switch parties with instructions for use. If questions arise, call Technical Services Inc. SandenVendo America closer.

Their appropriateness and anticipated needs

After servicing equipment, always reassemble all components in their original position and location. Place in correct position hoses, electrical wiring, etc. Replace all clamps, bases, and guide to their original position. Replace all hoses, ramps, insulation, and protective covers for the machine is kept in original condition. SandenVendo America Inc.machines are manufactured with unique Power Cables. If it becomes necessary to change it, see Parts and Service Manual and order the correct replacement for the machine model to which it is to be placed. Do not use other types of cables as substitutes. Only authorized personnel should be trained to change the power cord.

If you doubt that Cord is required, call one of the offices of Service SandenVendo America Inc.for help. There have been accidents, sometimes fatal, when machines were vandalized throwing them to push in order to get free product or money. To warn of the danger in pushing, shaking or hitting the Vending machine is designed a sticker to be affixed to the machines. Each machine brings one system queue system queue software software of those stickers. If required, SandenVendo America Inc.can send the stickers you need to put on their machines. If you queuing management have questions, call SandenVendo America Inc. office nearest you. See the list of centers at the end of this manual.


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This manual covers the Snack Vending.This manual is designed to act as a reference for service technicians. Please read this manual as there are many features and uses. If you do not understand any part of this manual, contact the SandenVendo. When coins or bills are inserted, the system of identification notes and coins; then the amount of money displayed on the LCD Display. Press the button to select the products they want to buy.Then the machine will push the product selected to the output tray. If there is change, it will be given back in return cone, so you can make more purchases. If you do not want to buy something else, press the coin return button to get change.

Other products are not selected within a period of seconds, the change will be returned automatically. By placing the products, not force them into the spiral.Products must be released. If there is not see this enough space to move and get stuck, the consumer will not queuing management get the product. If the product is not freely spiral select a larger For products with plastic wrap spiral, suggested bending the bottom of the product, before putting it in the tray in order to prevent jamming of products, as shown Next.